just a perfect day

Today the Trini Sisters have gone on a trip to the countryside

Once in a while they love to scape from their urban routine and relax in the wild nature

It's nice have a little bath in the cristalline water of the Gualba river

and enjoy the peaceful sounds and amazing views of the Montseny mountains

After the excursion, the picnic appetizer: assorted haribo gummi bears

The main course of their lunch: Cheetos Pandilla 
(but they still call them Drakis)

 They really appreciate healthy and organic food

They have inspected the humans baskets looking for something interesting for desert...
...but they have only found salads and fruits!

To have a good digestion, nothing better than to look for some new adventures in the playpen

Aren't the Trini Sisters afraid of anything?

 Well, maybe the elephant slide is too sloping for them...

But they have been lucky: they have met a new friend that has helped them to go down

Now they are back at home and already sleeping.
They are so tired after just a perfect day!