Miriam's Nancys (back to the future 02)

We have been almost 30 years in the attic and now we want to explore the future

But we need help to dress up and to fit in this new world!

Don't worry, we will help you!
We are the Nancys of the 21st century, the best stylists you could ever meet!
First you need a bath, you stink!

It's obvious we haven't been in a bath for ages...

Now you are ready for our beauty saloon!
Please relax, it will only take 3 or 4 hours...

Hey, be careful, it hurts!!!

 I am going to give a new life to your curls

You were so pale, I had to apply tones of make up!

Look at these girdles and bras, they could be my grandmother's!
 Your cloths are dirty and old. You need a personal shopper

We don't like the cloths you've bought for us
Why everything has to be pink?

Ok, if you preffer oldfashioned cloths... let's see what we find in your old chest.
Well, it's not that bad, we love these vintage coats! Can we keep them?

When your old things are called vintage, you realize that you are not young anymore...
Welcome to back to the future, Nancys!

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