Sant Joan 2012

The Sindys set their own little table

The redhaired Sindy Florido was wearig the Verbena dress from the 70's
The blonde was a Marx Toys Sindy

The Nancys weared thier best party dresses: de Largo, Gran Gala and Fiesta en el Jardín
Lesly was wearing the Mañana dress

The dolls were impressed by the views of the city from the terrasse

They sat on the human's table and tried the traditional coca de llardons

This little Famosa doll wanted to light some firecrackers

It was her first time, and she didn't know she had to through them away

Lucas was terrified!

At the end, nothing serious happenned: just some dust in her face and a new hairstyle!

The topmost moment of the night was when the sputnik barbie was launched to the space

What a brave doll: an example to follow for the doll community!

She has transformed into the Satellite of Love: 
turning the earth every 12 hours, sending good whishes and kisses to protect everyone!

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