As everybody knows Barbie is a great architect...

...that's why she could not miss the FADfest party!

Barbie choosed to wear her Debut bathing suit. A very wise decision to fit into this special event!

She explored the architectural models from inside

She observed closely architectural proposals. 

 What a wonderfull mixture of light, colors and volumes!

 What a subtile distribution of sinuous endless lines!

As any other good architect, Barbie also appreciates design and art.

 She loved Josep Guardiola portrait

Oh, my god!

 The 80's Black Barbie joined the silkstone one later

She also admired the design solutions

But, what a cruelty! Why is this Barriguitas hanged here?!?

After so many interesting arty experiences, 
Barbie had to queue for the rest rooms to fix her make-up to get ready for the party!

The Capucine Corolle is not so intellectual as Barbie.
She arrived just in time for the party...

 As drinks passed by, she was more out of focus...

... more and more dazed and confused!

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