Around the world with Nancy: Atlanta

 After her visit to Tokyo and San Francisco, Nancy arrives to Atlanta
She's happy to be here, but she feels sick: it seems like a strong flu!!!

 During her first night in Atlanta, she has a fever and a very strange nightmare:
there are 3 freaky creatures surrounding her...

 They are half dog - half doll, they don't look agressive...
actually they seem to be taking care of her!

 They don't talk at all to her, they just bark!

 After some strange operations, the doggy dolls dissapear!

 The following day Nancy isn't ill anymore, it must have been the strange creatures's healing...
Whatever may be, the flu's gone miraculously and she feels ready to visit the city

 At the CNN's Global Headquarters, Nancy can imagine how would it be to be a famous reporter

At The World of Coca Cola, she gets to know more of her favourite drink

and she even meets mr. John Pemberton and tries to make him confess the secret formula!

 She also visits the great Martin Luther King grave, 
where everyone should be welcomed, no matter the race, religion or even the material (flesh, steel or plastic!) is made!

After some days in the USA, Nancy begins to understand why this land has become such a safe place: there are guns everywhere you look!

 On her last day in Atlanta Nancy, Nancy has a very healthy american breakfast... 
she must be prepared for the great visit of the day:

 The American Girl Boutique!!!
 She's surprised by the things and gadgets you can find here:
dolls are an active part of the consumer market

 This place is heaven: plenty of girls walking around with her dolls!

 Many of the girls are dressed like their dolls!!!

 and what about the doll's hair salon? It's amazing!!!

 Even the restrooms are prepared for the doll society:
there's a doll hunger in every toilett!

But not everybody is happy inside this American Girl's paradise...
Nancy meets Julie, who ask her to help her to get away from the shop!

Nancy and Julie scape and walk for miles...

 until they find a nice place to rest and have a pancake picnic

 Julie plays some nice folk american songs with her guitar

 When Julie knows about the World Tour that Nancy has done, she says to Nancy that she wants to be like her: to explore the world and have lots of adventures

 - Please, please, take me with you to Barcelona!

Again in Atlanta's airport, Nancy is ready to take the last flight of her World Tour
She's sad because her journey is coming to its end, but she's also exited...

...because she's not going back home alone!

Back to Barcelona, Nancy and Julie are ready to live new adventures

Ready to meet new people and see new places!!!


  1. ¿Donde no ha estado esta niña?. La última foto de espaldas con su amiga americana en Barcelona, es estupenda, muy significativa y sugerente.

    1. Pues esta niña no para, todo el tiempo dando vueltas pr el mundo! Saludos!!!!

  2. Muy bonita tu nueva adquisición. Me ha encantado tu historia viajera con tu Nancy.

    1. Gracias Concha! las American Girls a mi al principio no me gustaban mucho, pero les voy cogiendo el truco, y sobretodo a los accesorios, que son impresionantes! Saludos!!!

  3. Thanks for sharing this wonderful tour, it was a real pleasure to view all the posts about it! The new friend is very cute with her guitar :-).

    1. Thanks!!! yes I love the guiar, it's very detailed and realistic. Regards!!!

  4. Hola, me encanta este post.
    Fabulosas fotos.
    Saludos desde Mexico.