iCloud hacked photos

Latest Hot News in the Doll World: 
A hacker has broken into the iCloud System and siphoned off photos of 100 famous dolls that are now being slobbered over on social media...

In the following pics we are going to see some of the most scandalous images that have been stolen from the Apple storage system

The great actress Soraya de Jesmar taking a selfie in her home

Now everybody knows she likes black leather underwear...

 The singer Cloe Bratz in her egg chair having a live a chat with somebody...

Here we can guess his new boyfriend's image (the famous actor Bratz Pitt)

  The most popular spanish TV reporter Nancy de Famosa...

Very sexy girdle!!! It looks like lately her weight has increased quite a lot!

Nancy's cousin, Darling de Famosa, talking in the phone with a very special someone...
we'd love to know who!!!

A very eighties intimate look, like always!!!

The great Hollywood Star Fanny Vicma on the phone!

 Who must be the lucky boy on the other side?

Barbie, with one of her usual confortable and simple outfits to be at home...

 Ken must be delighted with the photo she's sending him via whatsup!!!

 The famous comidean actress Lissi with an elegant and hot home outfit...

 Yes, we imagine she can't feel cold or alone!!!

But not only girls have had their eCloud pictures stolen...

 Lucas de Famosa, the sexiest player of the spanish football league, has also suffered the hackers attack!!!

 Wow, great oriental look, Lucas!!!

See you next week with more hacked pictures of our favourite celebrities!
Thank you very much for keeping us informed and entertained, unknown hacker!!!!


  1. LOL, very funny! My favorite name is Bratz Pitt :-D. Great post!!!

  2. Madre mia, los han pillado a todos, jejeje hasta con la faja puesta ;)
    Un besazo

    1. Sí, sí, aqui no se salva nadie, es lo que tiene esto de ser famoso o "famosa"! Hay que reconocer que Nancy es de las que ha salido más mal paradas!!! Saludos!

  3. Juas ya no vuelvo a desnudarme nunca mas je, je.
    El Lucas tremendo je, je y las niñas geniales!!!

    1. Bueno, bueno, desnudare, habrá que desnudarse algun dia, pero igual mejor no fotografiarlo con un iphone y poner en la nube... Lucas sí, tremendísimo como sólo el sabe!!! saludos!!!