The Sintras have a plan

The Sintras are tired of playing a supporting role on the spanish doll history of the 70's,
they want to prove they can be as modern and independent as the popular Nancys!

They have a plan:
they are going to scape the boarding school where they have been confined these last 40 years, 
and forget the orders and rules of their teacher and tutor, Sister Amparo

They are going to make themselves some swimming clothes

and to travel to see the sea for the first time of their lifes!

 They are ready to go!

Finally: Freedom!
It's so nice to sunbathe and relax at the seashore

and to feel the sea water over your feet...

.. but suddendly: Oh No! Sister Amparo has found them!!!

Shameless Girls! What are you doing here with these ridiculous clothes!
You have to go dress decently and go back to the school, now!

 Throw away these clothes to the garbage can and be again respectable and modest girls!

Well, actually Sister Amparo is not that bad...
she does the best paella of the world!

At the end she has even permitted the Sintras use their beautiful fabrics to renew the tableclothes and bibs of the school!


  1. Que guapas estan las Sintras!! Yo ando reconstruyendo una,espero que me quede chula! Besos y feliz paella!

    1. Sí,s que son guapas, sí! a ver cuand vems a tu sintra recnstruida, segur que con las manos que tienes te queda genial! Saludos!!!