Mentirosilla - the Story of the Educational Doll

The Telvitas are about to read the story of Mentirosilla, 
well actually not reading,,, they still don't know how to read!

One of them knows the story by heart because her mother has told her dozens of times, 
so she wants to explain  it to the others while they look at the pictures!

Once upon a time there was a beautiful blonde girl that had a very big defect:
she was always telling lies!

That's why the other girls called her "Mentirosilla" and they didn't want to be her friend

Even the little birds told her that they could not be her friend if she was not telling always the truth!

Mentirosilla had also the bad habitude of accusing the other girls of the mischiefs that she commited!

But one day, while she was telling another of her lies to the girls, her nails began to grow and grow...
She was frightened and tried to hide her nails, but they were so long that the other girls saw it 

Mentirosilla still told them another lie, and her hair began also to grow and tangle up until it almost covered her completely!

She cried because with those long nails and hair she was really ugly
She knew then that all that was her punishment for being a liar

The birds felt pity for her and they regretted they were not able to hep her!

The Telvitas are also very sorry for Mentirosilla!!!
They can't imagine what can she do!!!

Mentirosilla regretted all her lies and went to visit the teacher and her schoolmates

She told them that she was really sorry and that she would never lie again. 
She felt very sad without her friends!!!

Then a young fairy appeared and approached Mentirosilla smiling. 

The Fairy told Mentirosilla that she had made grow her nails and hair because of her lies but now she knew that she would not do it again.
So she took the scissors and began to cut them

That's how Mentirosilla became a Beautiful and Good Girl.
The next day, when she was going to school she saw that her friends were waiting for her

They told her that they were always going to be her friend and that they loved her!!!

When the Telvitas finish the story they are really touched!

It's been really an eductional story
Thank you  for teaching us how to become beautiful and good girls, Mentirosilla!!!

Let's hope you have liked Mentirosilla story, but if you haven't, there's no need to say you have... never know if your nails and hair will begin to grow wildly!


  1. Me ha encantado!!!!
    Bravoooo !!!! He disfrutado de esta historia como una niña pequeña!! GRACIAS,
    Las fotos son increíbles, como siempre pero un poco más si cabe.
    Las telvitas con sus muñequitas, jjiji preciosas y casi me muero de risa con lo de que no saben aún leer... la profesora gigante, es una profesora bien gigante y muy buena educadora y el marco de las fotos, incomparable, como dice el otro, jeje, me encanta ese lugar. Todas las muñecas son PRECIOSAS, de verdad que ha sido una gozada ver este cuento
    que te voy a decir de mentirosilla que no haya dicho ya!!
    que me cae muy bien y que le envío todo mi apoyo y solidaridad
    Un abrazo enorrrme

    1. Muchas gracias, Itzi!!! Las Telvitas no saben leer, pero como toda la nueva generación, ienen una gran visual y lo han pillado todo casi solo con mirar las imágenes! El sitio es la sede del Parlamento de Catalunya, está cerca de mi casa pero no había ido nunca y me encantó! Pues eso, q tal como se demuestra en el cuenta, nunca es tarde para cambiar, así que tanto tú como Mentirosilla aún podréis reformaros, si es que quereis, claro!!! Un abrazo!!!

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