The Pool

  The human girls don't let the he leslys jump with them in the trampoline...

 But the Leslys don't care, because the have somewhere much better to go to:

 The Pool!

 There's nothing in the world that can compare to the Pool!

 The Leslys can stay in the water for hours!

It's never time to leave!

 Nancy also likes the Pool, she loves to relax on her air mattress...

 ...until Lucas arrives!

 Lucas is not able to jump by his own... so Nancy has tu push him!

 Lucas is not a very good swimmer, but with the help of his ducky air ring he manages to float!

 When he goes out from the water, he asks Nancy to help him dry because his towel is wet!

Nancy can't undertand why Lucas can'yt do anything without her help,
and she wonders if it's the same with all men...

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