Free Pikachu

Like many people in this planet, Nancy has just installed the Pokémon Go App,
but her purpose is not the same of the other players...

Hi Squirtle, don't be afraid! I don't want to catch you... 
I just want to meet Pikachu, do you know how can I find him?

And you, Bulbasaur, don't hide, can you tell where to find Pikachu?

And You Charmander, Do you know where is Pikachu hiding?

But nobody knows anything about Pikachu,
so she Nancy expends days exploring the city looking for him

And finally: Pikachu appears!
He was hiding in the Ciutadella Park!!

Hey, don't run away, don't hide!

My name is Nancy and I just want to be your friend!

Are you sure you don't want to catch me like the rest of Pokémon players?

Yes, don't pannic! I am not interested in the catch rate!
I just wanted to meet you and have a little chat

Nancy, I am tired of being always cought by people, they just see me as a target, as a trophy...
...nobody cares about me feelings or wishes!
I am tired of the Pokémon world, the balls, tha battles and everything!

So you want to leave the Pokémon Game and leave a normal life in the real world, Pikachu?
Don't worry, I am going to help you.

Lets both concentrate and repeat the mantra: 
Free Pikachu, Free Pikachu, Free Pikachu,
Free Pikachu, Free Pikachu, Free Pikachu...

Free Pikachu, Free Pikachu, Free Pikachu...
What is happening?It seems that the mantra is working!
There are 2 pikachus now: a virtual and a real Pikachu at the same time
The transformation has begun!

Pikachu, you are finally free from the Pokémon Game!
You are in the real world, now you have a physical body!

You are not a digital being anymore!
The Pokémon way of life is over for you, Pikachu!
¿How does it fell to be made of real material?

¿How do you like to have your own shadow that will follow you everywhere?

Pikachu, theres's lots of things you have still to see and learn in this new life you have entered
Let's go and explore the real world together!!!


  1. Hola, qué interesante post. Las fotos al aire libre te quedan muy bien.
    Me gusta mucho tu blog. Yo solo conservo algunos nenucos, y ver los tuyos me recuerdan mi infancia. Saludos.

    1. Muchas gracias! La de las fotos de este post son capturas de pantalla del móvil con el juego pokemon en marcha...
      Me alegro de que mis muñecos te recuerden a tu infancia, saludos!

  2. That is sooooo sweeet story :) I was happy with Pikachu and Nancy :D

    1. Thank you! Finally pikachu is free and ready to start a new life!

  3. Como no iba a ser seguidora nuestra Nancy de Pokemon go!! Jejeje.
    Pikachu esta en mi casa desde hace años,por eso es dificil encontralo!! Jaja.
    Tus fotos geniales como siempre.Un besazo.

    1. Gracias Imanara!!!! con que pikachu esta en tu casa??? pues no lo digas muy alto que se te va a llenar la casa de freaks con movil en mano!!!!