Summer in the City

This year Nancy and Lesly don't have money to go to the seaside
and they will have to stay the whole summer in the city!

 But Nancy is a resourceful doll: 
if they can't go to the beach, they can have a bath in a fountain!

At first Lesly thinks this is a ridiculous idea.

 She complains to Nancy and she doesn't want to stay in the fontain!

 But once she tries the urban cascade,

 she has to admit that is not that bad...

 Actually is really refreshing and fun!!!

When the sun goes down, they dress up and go for a walk

Every summer evening Nancy has an ice cream

She likes vanilla ice cream and it seams like she's not the only one!

 Lesly not only likes Ice Cream

 She devours Ice Cream!

If it was on her, she would only eat Ice Cream during all the summer!

 As you can see, the summer in the city can be really fun.
So if you can't spend your holydays away, don't dispair, do like Nancy and lesly and enjoy your city!

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  1. Con estas compañías y este plan el veraneo en la ciudad es más llevadero!!! nancy siempre tiene un plan b y los mejores accesorios!!!!