My Fair Resolution

The life of Eliza Doolittle looked like a fairy tale to everyone.
Even she though she was living in a fantasy for a long time...

One day, while she was looking for her husband slippers, 
 she began to analize the real facts of her life

In the movie Henry Higgins is a renown and weatlhy phonetics professor that lives in a luxurious mansion full of servants... but everybody knows that the salary of teachers and researchers is not that high!

So Pierina had to do all house cleaning by herself!

She had to go everyday to the market to buy the food

and this was not an easy task to acomplish

Professor Higgins wanted only to have dishes made with best ingredients...

but he didn't give Eliza enough money to buy them!

So she had to manage to save money from everything she could

She always had to go back home on foot loaded like a mule!

She spended hours at the kitchen cooking the favourite dishes of her husband

but very often he didn't appear for the meals without even calling to warn her in advance!

She also spended a lot of time ironing Professor Higgins shirts because he got furious if they were not perfect!

Eliza looked often to the world outside through the window and dreamed that one day things would change and she would be able to be able to be free

Until one day she realised that things doesn't change alone, that it was her the one that had to cahnge!
That day, while her husband was sleeping, she decided that it would be the last day in her life to bring him the slippers 

She walk out Professor Higgin's house and she knew she would never come back!

Suddenly the dark streets seemed so different to her...

..for the first time in many years, she was not afraid of being alone

She felt she could do anything she wanted by herself

and that she could go anywhere with no limits at all
She could go to Spain to see the rain staying mainly in the plain if she wanted!

She understood finally that real life is much better that the Hollywood movies!

After so many years, the script of her life was only for her to write!


  1. Tu Pierina es una muñeca preciosa con todos esos atuendos tan diferentes que ha mostrado en la historia de hoy, aunque este último es el que más me ha gustado. Y es que sentirse libre y con ganas de ser la protagonista de su propia vida me parece de valientes.
    Me encantan tus historias y cómo te curras las fotos. No cambies.

    1. Muchas gracias, Concha, todos deberiamos seguir el ejemplo de Pierina, yo misma lo voy a intentar también!!!