The Golden Rule

Like every year, Nancys sets the Christmas table the night before, so the next morning she can concentrate just in the food

 The 25th she wakes up very early and spends many hours cooking all the typical Christmas dishes

 The turkey is so big that it's difficult to fit it in the oven

 Once the turkey is done, they are ready to start the Crhistmas lunch!

 But what has Lucas been doing meanwhile?
It looks like he's been cutting the ham for all the family...

 ... but that's not exactly the case, he eats every single slice that he cuts!!!

 Sant Esteve lunch is the same story, Nancy prepares the caneloni with the leftovers of the Christmas lunch...

 and Lucas, well, you know... just eats!

But  this is not as unfair as it may seem, because Nancy applies the golden rule:
Whoever cooks, doesn't have to clean the dishes!!!


  1. Hola!!! preciosa entrada...felices fiesta desde Nancy historias de siempre.
    Besossss y abrazos.

    1. muchas gracias!!!! felices fiestas!!!!