A real summer day

  Tressy and Virginia have been invited to a country house with swiming pool...
They have brought their dolls Mariquita and Kewpie to share this great summer day

Virginia can't wait to go to the pool, but Tressy is really hungry...

While Virginia is taking swimming lessons from 2 experienced swimmers...

...Tressy and Mariquita finish up all the crisps in the house!

But now they are not allowed to go into the water, they will have to wait 3 hours until they finish their digestion!!!!

It's not nice to be by the water in this hot summer day, while they see Virginia enjoying in the pool!

 Virginia would like to play with the other children, but they don't seem to even notice her...

 "Hello!!! I want also to assemble a Tower!"

 "Hey, can't you hear me? May we play with you?!?"

And finally, yes!!! a  3 story tower!
Virginia is light and stands still, the best enxaneta you can imagine!

 And after the pool, some tree climbing and soccer with another new friend

Meanwhile, Kewpie has the whole swimming pool only for himself!

So many games and activities are exhausting...
It's not a real summer day if you don't take a good siesta on a hammock!


  1. No me extraña que estén agotadas. No han parado en todo el día. Pero el verano está para disfrutarlo.

  2. Soooo cute. By the way, which doll is the Mariquita doll? She's adorable, too.

    1. Hi, this mariquita in the pictures is a smaller and modern reporduction of the most famous spanish doll in the 40's and 50's : Mariquita Perez

  3. Que envidia me dan tus muñecas en la piscina con el calor que hace hoy!!!

  4. Hola. como las niñas de hoy en día que no paran ni un segundo. Ya se ve que disfrutaron mucho con el baño... seguimos en contacto

  5. Desde luego menudo día de verano, que gusto da después de un día de piscina echarse una siestecita en una hamaca :)
    Un besazo y que pases un buen finde

    1. Si, no viven mal las nenas!!! buen finde tambien para ti!

  6. Yo quiero ir con ellos a jugar al agua! Estan pasandolo genial.Y con el calor que hace ufffffffffff.
    Viva la hamaca y tomar el sol.Besotes.

    1. jajaja, no eres la unica, yo también quiero ser como ellos!!!! Saludos!