Southeast Asia Tour: Bangkok

In our last post Nancy was about to leave Singapore looking for new adventures in...


Tuk-tuks are the best way to discover the city and feel its rhythm

 River taxis are also a great way to experience it and enjoy the views

Bangkok is full of temples and Budhas...

...but the famous Reclining Bhuda of Wat Pho is Nancy's favourite!

"Then, what should a Buddha be bought for?" 

By observing the other tourists Nancy realizes that there's something more important than being somewhere: to show your family and friends that you've been there!

It's really impressive to see what people is able to do just to get some more "likes" in their Facebook or Instagram posts!

Tourism is a exhausting sport
After spending all day visiting temples, Nancy needs a professional foot massage...

and some local delicacies to recover completely and be ready for exhiting Bangkok night!

Firstly she decides to go the Patpong Night Market, 
where she meets lots of friendly vendors

But she also dares to visit the Mytical Soy Cowboy St,
Thought she's been told that it's not a place for naive dolls like her, she feels really at home in clubs like The Dollhouse!

Tired of being an hyperactive tourist, Nancy decides to spend her last days in Bangkok doing nothing: just enjoying the swimmingpool and the views from her hotel!

When her days in Bangkok are almost over, Nancy has still big 2 big mysteries to solve;
"¿Why there are some many different coloured taxis in Bangkok?"

¿Who is this woman that appears in the pictures everywhere around the city?

Back to Singapore, Nancy decides to visit the National Art Museum

She has to admit that contemporary art is always a source of inspiration and good vibrations!

In the Museum shop, she makes a new friend:
her name is Pullip and has been living in the Museum shop as far as she can remember.

Pullip asks Nancy to release her from the boredom and loneliness of the Museum

Nancy brings Pullip to the most remarcable markets and shopping malls in Singapore

But Pullip is not interested in buying anything at all, she wants wants Nancy to take her to Paradise!
Let's see in our next post what Nancy can do about it...


  1. Hola. qué ideales todas las fotos por Asia... un viaje inolvidable. Seguimos en contacto

  2. Great adventures! Pullip is cute, but Nancy rules!

  3. Que Bueno!!
    Son unas fotos preciosas a rabiar, increíblemente bonitas todas,
    Que bien hace Nancy de Buda, parece uno más en esa sala, jejeje y que atrevida yendo a esa calle con lo ingenua que es, tal como dices y su visita a la masajista de pies, para poder seguir, jejejje y la visita al museo es impresionante, Lo de Pullip ya... eso es la caña, jajajja JUAJUAS
    No sé como consigues tanta expresividad en Nancy, es tal como si llevara una persona una muñeca. Quedo a la espectativa de la 2ª parte de este viaje
    Ahhhh!! No quiero ni imaginarme lo que te habrá costado recogerla la muñeca a la niña del mercado, porque tiene una carita de ilusionada ¡Que linda está con la muñeca!
    Un abrazo enorrrme Ciborgdoll
    De la talla XL lo menos,

    1. gracias Itzi, pero se me rompio la camara de fotos al principio del viaje y tuve que hacer la mayoria con el movil, he tenido que hacerautenticos malabares para poder enfocary aguantar la muñeca a la vez!!!
      Si, sí, nancy es ingenua pero valiente, asi que al final nunca le pasa nada malo!!!!
      la niña del mercado se encariñó bastante con ella, me dio pena tener que llevarmela, Nancy tenia que seguir su viaje y llevar a pullip al paraiso!
      pues eso, abrazos XLpara ti tambien!

  4. Beautiful pictures, looks like it was an awesome holiday! The foot massage photo is very funny :-).

  5. Preciosas fotos!! Menudo viaje que has hecho!

    1. gracias, si la verrdad es que nos podemos quejar, saludos!!!!

  6. Que viaje tan interesante y esa piscina en lo alto del rascacielos impresionante, deseando ver las demás fotos del viaje. Saludos

    1. gracias Naya, pronto el final del viaje!Saludos