On the Road - Nancy US Tour 2016 (02)

After being in Atlanta and Colorado, Nancy has been hitchking and travelling towards the Wild West with a Harley-Davidson Bikers Gang

(to see the first part Nancy's US Tour click here)

 She's has had a great time and has learnt many interesting things about life with them...

...but now that they have arrived to the Arizona Desert it's time to say goodby to them and start a new brand phase of her journey...

 She's going  to visit Arizona from the air!
Now her life is in the hands of John, a really skilled pilot that will guide her to the Grand Canyon

 The Arizona Desert is huge and beautiful!

  In the middle of this infinite plateau, the Colorado river has dug the most beautiful shapes revealing us the layers of time!

 The Grand Canyon is really grand!

 As Nancy watches from above these isolated landscapes, she realises that she will never forget their subtle colours and atmospleres...

 Once the helicopter tour is over she asks John to take her to visit the original inhabitants of this great land, the Havasupai tribe

 But the visit to the indians is not exactly what she expected,
the aborigens life it's not like in the Hollywood movies: to live in a reserve and be photographed by tourists like her it's not fun at all!

 After her Arizona experience,
Nancy decides to go to Las Vegas to find out if it is as fabulous as they say...

 Las Vegas is a very weird city:
it is really amazing to find yourself in the middle of Nevada visiting an egiptian piramide! 

 and what would you think if they told that you could also find the Eiffel Tower here!?!

Nancy's favorite place in Las Vegas is the Venetian!
She wonders how is it possible to have so many water in the middle of a desert!?!
 She wishes she could share someday this experience with someone...

 But it is at the dawn when Las Vegas begins to show its real character!

Nancy is ready to explore Las Vegas by night!

Las Vegas streets are full of people all night long!

People looking for adventures, fun, and...

...well, Nancy doens't exactly understand what else they could be looking for!

Nancy asks Zoltar about her future and Zoltar dispenses a card:
Your Destiny is waiting for you inside the Casino

So Nancy puts her best dress on and goes to the Casino to meet her own Destiny!

While she's waiting for  Fate to appear,  Nancy explores the Casino,
 it doesn't look at all as glamorous as it seems in the movies!

The casino games are incomprehensible for Nancy!

She doesn't know where or how to start gambling!

Finally she decides to try a slot machine.. but she doesn't even know how to enter the money!

Just when she's about to introduce her first dollar inside the slot,
 she hears a deep voice behind calling her name... who must it be?
we will find out in our next post!


  1. Que pasada de viaje, Mieia!!!
    Es todo preciosoooo,
    y tan americano, jejejej ¡¡Me encanta!!
    Nancy sale fenomenal en todas las fotos y espero con impaciencia que pase las fotos que ha hecho al ordenador, para verlas de primera mano
    He hecho el gran esfuerzo de intentar leer este viaje en inglés, sin darle al traductor, no sé si me habré enterado bien de todo, ya que mi ingles es muy básico y patatero, pero me alegro mucho que lo haya pasado tan bien en la fábrica de chorizos ibéricos y que comprara al fin con los billetes bombillas para las luces del patio y se aclarara con los cambios
    Fuera bromas... ¡¡Me ha encantado!!!
    Un abrazoteeeeeeeee, MUACKS

    1. jajaja, yo tambien tengo ganas de ver las fotos que ha hecho Nancy, solo que su cámara es vintage, ose no digital. Así que ahora nos toca ahorrar para poder llevarlas a revelar!
      Ya veo que ha entendido perfectamente todo el viaje en ingles... lo de los chorizos fue impresionante! Saludos!!!!

  2. Genial! :D
    Si que viajan y se divierten tus Nancys!

    1. jajaj, si que han salidos viajeras, sí, yo me sacrifico y las acompaño para poder hacer la fotos!

    2. jajaj, si que han salidos viajeras, sí, yo me sacrifico y las acompaño para poder hacer la fotos!

  3. Hey Mireia, Nancy's story has taken some unexpected turns... we were happy to find out that her hitchhiking was safe and wondrous...
    your fans in America a wait for next steps !

    1. Hey Elizabeta!!!! Nancy was very happy in Denver, she will never forget it! thank you for everything! you can see the final step of ther trip here: