Cycling is Freedom

 Someone very special has given Nancy a byke, a vintage BH!!!

This is the best present she could ever imagine!

Nancy has the best byke in town!

 Now she can pick up Lucas for a ride without depending on bicing!

 Lucas doesn't seem very confident on 2 wheels...

 But Nancy has everything under control!

 She's much faster than the hipsters!

With the new bike, they are able to sightsee their own city while moving,

meet the tourists weird vehicles in the bike path,

 and they can even shop luxury items without getting off the byke!

 They can access and park everywhere to enjoy the views

If the situation gets too complicated or sentimental..

...Nancy can scape quickly!

While riding her bike Nancy has no fear!

She feels free on her new BH

 Cycling is Freedom!

if you want to konw more about cycling in the city click here


  1. Es divina esa bici BH. Me tiene completamente enamorada y lo bien que se lo pasa Nancy paseando por la ciudad. Ya veo que al final ha decidido que Lucas se busque su propia bici si quiere seguirla.
    Las fotos maravillosas como siemrpe.

    1. Gracias , Concha! La bici es genial creo que ya te comenté que la ha hecho Itzi! A Nancy le va genial para ir a su aire y no depender de nadie!!! Un abrazo!!!

  2. What a beautiful bicycle! It is very realistic! Also beautiful pictures :-)!!!

  3. ¡Qué genial! La bici es una pasada y el entorno ni te cuento.

    1. gracias, la bici la ha hecho una amiga, Itzi, la verdad que es genial!!!!

  4. Ostras la Itzi me quito el sombrero!!! Y tú, ¿le has puesto cabeza de Lucas a una piernas flexibles? Jajaja buenísimo como siempre. Y esto de "She's much faster than the hipsters!" me meo...