Conde de GoDoll Trophy

Today is the final of the 2017 GoDoll Trophy

On one side of the net we have Fanny and Clania...

and on the other side we have Nancy and Lissi!

And the umpire is Lesly!!!

Fanny is the first to serve, she's one of the top servers of the circuit...

but Fanny and Clania are not afraid of her,
they are also two of the best players of the world!

And Nancy, well, she doesn't need any introductions,
everybody knows that she's the number 1 of the DTA ranking (the Doll's Tennis Asociation)!

Nancy and Lissi haven't lost any match this season...

But Clania is seriously determined to break their winning streak

Clania can't stand Nancy and she wants to defeat her by any means

Lissi is not that bad...

but Nancy's seems so proud of her herself, 
that Clania thinks that she deserves a good lesson!

The match is so even that they have to play a tiebreak...
And when Nancy is serving for a match point, she makes an ace!

Hey, the ball was out!!!

I am the umperer and I saw he ball was in, so stop complaining!

Come on, Lesly! Are you blind?!?
The ball was clearly out!

Lesly, don't listen to these losers, they just want confuse you!
They know it was the best ace of the history!

This is not fair!!
You can't be impartial because Nancy's your sister and you will do whatever to make her win!!!

This is not true, they are such bad losers!!!
They are jealous of me because I am the best player of the world and much more famous and rich than them!

Oh, my good, this is unbelievable!
How can anybody be so vain!!!

I am going to stick the ball in your stupid mouth, Nancy!!!

Nancy and me are the legitimate winners of the GoDoll
Lesly, don't be a chicken: you have to expel them from the tennis track and open them a file!!!

That's enough!!!!
Stop shoutting, the four of you!!!

I will have to disqualify both teams for insults, disrespect to the umpire, threats and even violence!!!
I'm sorry, but this year there won't be any GoDolls Champions!


  1. Hola, tiene mucho que no pasaba por aqui, pero ya me he puesto al corriente.
    Me gusta mucho tu coleccion, como las acomodas para la foto, du ropa. Haces un excelente trabajo.
    Hasta pronto.

    1. Muchas gracias, me alegro de que te guste! un abrazo!!!

  2. Hola!!!
    Me ha encantado el partido de tenis!!!
    Por supuesto todo el tiempo he apoyado a la pareja en la que estaba Nancy.

    1. gracias Arien, creo que no eres la unica que apoyaba a Nancy, las otras pobres son minoria y no tiene tantos fans como la numero 1... pero tampoco lo han hecho nada mal!

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