Let's say we're talking of Madrid

 6 May 1982 - After spending  her whole life in the mountains, 
Nancy has decided to run away

She has packed all her dreams and hopes in a suitcase and she's ready to make them real!

What better place than this great city to start a brand new life!

The most famous mouse in town, Ratoncito Perez, tells her change her mountains outfit and to dress like a modern city girl!

With her new cloths Nancy looks like an authentic Madrid Movida Girl!

Now she's ready to conqueer the city!!!

 But it is only when the night falls that the real Madrid begins to show

 Nancy tries to visits all the bars in town!

 When the bars close, the streets are still full of people
and she follows them to a disco with a very strange name....

... after hours of dancing and drinking, 
Nancy is the last one to leave the great Joy Eslava!

She takes a short but nice sleep in the Retiro

 and she decides to visit the most famous market in town

 the Rastro vendors are really nice to her!

 In one of the stalls she meets a very funny girl: her name is Angelita

 Angelita tells Nancy to abandond those extravagand cloths that she's wearing 
and to get an authetic Chulapa dress

 Now Nancy feels like a true Madrid Girl!

 While walking the streets with her new dress, Nancy meets a real Madrid Chulo!

It's seems that Nancy may finally have found what she was really looking for!


  1. Nancy en el 82 ya estaba adelantada a su época, no tiene prejuicios y siempre aprendiendo cosas!!!!, Espectacular Madrid bajo los ojos de Nancy, BESAZOS

    1. muchas gracias, Ana! Nancy estuvo encantada de poder conoceros a vosotros durante su visita a Madrid!!!! un abrazo!!!

  2. No me digas que has estado aqui?? Que pena no conocerte!! Otra vez sera.
    Tu chica esta preciosa de chulapa.Abrazos.

    1. No habia acido que eras de Madrid! la proxima vez aviso un abrazo!!!

  3. Me alegré mucho de conocerte, así te pongo cara. Ya veo que tu Nancy aprovechó muy bien su visita a nuestra ciudad. Espero que os divirtierais.

    1. A mi tembien me gustó mucho poder ponerte cara, aunque solo fue un momentito! a ver si la proxima vez podemos hablar más!!!!

  4. Retiro,tapitas ,el Rastro,y con el traje de chulapa,ya tocamos techo,¡garbeo perfecto por los madriles,si señora¡

    1. Muchas gracias, como puedes ver Nancy no quiso perderse nada!!!

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