The Wonder Years

 Nancy has decided to visit her childhood playground

Watching the children playing brings her back the memories of her own wonder years...

 She can clearly picture herself at the age of 7:
the joy she felt when she arrived to the playground after school

 The swings were not bad...

the tobbogan was also very fun...

but her favourite was...

 ...the climber!

 She loved the climbers!

 what a great felling to climb like a monkey 

 to be flying in the air

 and be suspended like a bat!

 She also enjoyed very much to play with the sand

just a simple wood stick could be anything in her hands!

She just needed some few minutes to covered with dust and sand!

 At that time her red Kickers were always with her...

 ...20 years later, her red kickers are still there!

Now those wonder years seem gone for ever

 She has grown up but she has not stopped playing...

.. it's just that the games she plays now are a little different!


  1. Qué evolución!!!. Me encanta verla tan actual y, a la vez, fiel a su estilo

    1. gracias, limon, es que las kickers son un clasico adecuado para cualquier edad!

  2. Preciosa tu Trini. Q recuerdos sobre todo de colgarme boca abajo a lo bat, Jejeje

    1. Muchas gracias, Angeles! yo tambien me colgaba!!!